Latest Opera 41 developer has got lazy tab loading feature, with this update, Opera has introduced Popular Searches feature. The so-called popular searches will appear below the search bar in Speed dial. Opera aims to provide one-click access to trending searches with this feature.

Though Opera software calling this as experimental, we can’t write off chances of it being shipped with stable channel as well. Here is how to deactivate the Popular Searches feature on Opera Start Page if you don’t want.

Opera 41 popular searches

Opera 41 start page showing popular searches below the search box

Disabling Popular Searches on Opera Start Page

Visit Opera Settings > Browser, scroll down to bottom and check ‘ Show advanced Settings’.

I. 1.  Open the Start Page, click on Cog wheel to customize start page

2. Uncheck ‘Show Popular Searches‘ under Search box


II. Visit Opera Settings > Browser and turn off the option found under ‘Start Page’.

Note: Both methods require Advanced Settings to be enabled in Settings.

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