If you’ve just upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Update version 1607, when you visit Activation Settings, if the activation says ‘Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account‘, then known this: your license has been tied to your Microsoft Account.

There is a benefit with this to you: If you make significant changes to your hardware configuration like changing your motherboard, then you could avoid contacting Microsoft support by using the Activation Troubleshooter tool available in Settings of Windows, which can reactive Windows 10 for you if you follow simple steps mentioned in troubleshooter, you need to sign into your Microsoft account connected to your system which has activation issue for this.

Windows 10 activation status

Windows 10 activation status

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Using Windows 10 Activation Troubleshooter

Note: The following procedure or steps apply and works on a device only when Windows 10 was activated by digital license linked to your Microsoft Account (MSA) before the hardware change.

1. Open Settings  > Update & Security, select Troubleshoot (this option only available in versions 1607 or later) if your copy of Windows 10 is not activated.

2. In the Troubleshooter, select ‘I changed Hardware on this device recently‘ and select Next

3. Sign in to your MSA by entering your username and password, you’ll be prompted to enter your local account password if MSA isn’t a connected account.

4. Select the device that you’re currently using from the list of devices connected to your MSA and select the check box ‘This is the device I’m using right now‘, and then select ‘Activate‘.

You can find more information about using the Windows Activation troubleshooter on Microsoft website.

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