Pale Moon has removed Google from its Start Page and browser as search engine and DuckDuckGo is the default Search engine for both of these. If you want to add removed Google search provider back to Pale Moon 26.4 search bar as one of the search engines, you can, here is how.

UPDATE: This method is now working in Pale Moon 27.

Manually adding Google search engine to Pale Moon browser search bar

1. In the Search bar, click on drop down arrow and select Manage Search Engines

2. In the Manage Search Engines List dialog, click on ‘Get More Search Engines’

3. This opens Pale Moon add-dons Search plugins page, click on Google, and click Add button.

Adding Google to list of search engines available in Pale Moon search bar

4. Now click on drop down arrow in search bar and select Google to use as default search engine in Pale Moon browser Or just visit about:config and set value to Google.