Firefox’s mute tab feature is great, but you’ve to mute that annoying site every time when you visit in the browser, how about muting certain sites by default, like So that those sites always will be muted in Firefox browser forever. Is that possible? Yes! MuteLinks add-on, which uses Firefox mute tab functionality makes it possible, and it automatically mutes a tab based on URL that matches with the blacklist of sites you’ve specified in its options.

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Permanently mute specific sites in Firefox browser with Mutelinks add-on

Using MuteLinks

Install the add-on, visit its Options, enter the sites you want to be muted permanently in the blacklist Sites field.

The add-on works this way: every time a new tab is loaded or tab URL changes, MuteLinks checks the URL of it,  if it matches the site mentioned in the blacklist, that tab will be muted.

Firefox MuteLinks add-on options with an opened muted tab

You can also mute specific pages of a site. For that, you need to mention the full URL of a page within quotation marks. For instance, to mute, you’ve to enter it as “”. Leaving blacklist as blank will disable MuteLinks.

We’ve tested this extension and it has worked as advertised.

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