Opera‘s Video Pop Out feature is very useful for multitaskers, allows to watch a playing video on any tab in any position, all you need to is click on the video pop out button on the original video to see it in action, unfortunately this is Opera-only feature, not available to Chrome, you can still get that sort of experience, not perfect as Opera’s though – it is much better and Opera software is continually improving it –  by installing Picture in Picture Viewer extension in Chrome browser.

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Picture in Picture Viewer (extension link), that ‘docks your favorite stuff in a floating mobile-view window’, not only useful to watch YouTube videos, but also for Facebook chatting and Hangout calls.

UPDATE June 14, 2017Chrome is getting Picture In Picture Feature

UPDATE May 28, 2017: Since Google has removed the panels flag from Chrome version 54, the extensions based on that feature no longer works, same the case with Picture in Picture Viewer and other extensions also.

Get Opera Video Pop Out like experience in Chrome with Picture in Picture Viewer extension

1. Head over to Chrome web Store and install the extension (you can find the link above).

2. Visit chrome://flags/#enable-panels and select Enabled, restart the browser

Note: The extension doesn’t function when you don’t turn on Panels in about:flags, it also warns about the same.

3. Visit Chrome://extensions page, click on keyboard shortcuts, and assign a new shortcut for the extension that doesn’t interfere with Chrome or Windows and Windows application hotkeys when you use.

4. Visit YouTube or any video sharing site and play a video, use the shortcut to see the PIP mode in action.

Chrome Picture in Picture Viewer

Picture in Picture in Chrome is similar to Opera’s video pop out

UPDATE: PIP Video is another extension you can try, which also like Picture in Picture Viewer needs panels flag to be enabled to work.