Today  Opera software has released Opera 39, yesterday, Opera desktop team has released another update to the developer version of Opera 40. This update improves Personal News and the video pop-out feature. The video pop out feature has been tweaked and the button has been made less intrusive than used to be in version 40. Those who want to disable the feature, might need to rethink again after checking the improvements the feature has got.

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Opera Video pop out feature changes and improvements

Video pop out button is less intrusive and won’t be showed for popped out videos and for videos, shorter than 16 seconds. User can close the popped out video by clicking on the close button.

Clicking on video pauses/playback the video. The update has added more sites and players support. Closing the detached video won’t stop the playback for the original video.

Opera 40 video pop out feature update

Check out this Opera blog post for more information.