Mozilla has been working on PageShot– which allows to share a part of page  or full page on the web with others- for a while now, the site is now live and the feature will be coming to Firefox test pilot as an experimental feature. FYI, there is no certainty for every feature in test pilot to get into Firefox. PageShot Firefox add-on is now available to install and test in Firefox browser, so you don’t need to wait for Mozilla to make it available for you as part of the test pilot program.pageshot-animation

Mozilla PageShot coming to Firefox test pilot

PageShot, which lets you save anything on the web, ‘including pages that requires a login or content that changes or is personalized”, allows to share shot with anyone, so he/she can view it without need to worry about logins or disappearing content.

Mozilla pageshot Firefox

The screenshot images will be uploaded to the cloud and available for sharing, these shots will expire after 14 days. You can see and access shots made using PageShot so far, by clicking ‘My Shots’. You can able to share shots to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email using the shareable link created by the PageShot service.

sharing pageshot shots

What’s your take on Firefox’s screenshot feature, PageShot? Let us know in the comments.