Exclude certain files from Avira scanning. Every antivirus available on the internet is not perfect, some viruses gets through and the antivirus may flag some real-trusted programs regularly used by users as viruses, those are called false positives, if you’re sure you’re using an application from a trusted developer, you can add that file as an exception to antivirus scanning engine, so that it don’t block or remove it again and again. For instance, here is how to add exceptions for certain files to Avira Free antivirus.

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Adding file exceptions to Avira Free antivirus

Note: Be sure the files you’re going to add as exceptions or exclude from scanning shouldn’t be malware or pups. If you’re certain about that, go ahead with the below procedure.

1. Open Avira free antivirus, click on Extras and select Configuration (or use F8 shortcut key)

2. Under PC Protection, expand System Scanner> Scan Exceptions, and add the file you want Avira system scanner to skip by using the button provided on the right pane.

adding files as exceptions to the sytem scanner in Avira free antivirus

II. While you’re in the same window, click on Real-Time Protection > Scan >Exceptions, using the buttons provided on the right you can not only able to add files, but also processes as well, which from then will be omitted from Real-time protection scanning.

Omitting files and processes from Avira real-time protection scan

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