Google Chrome now has the passwords export and import feature built-in, but you need to enable two flags in Chrome://flags page for that.

Chrome till now allows to view saved passwords by visiting chrome://settings/Passwords or you can also do that from any device by going to this page, but the browser itself doesn’t offer a way to import or export passwords from/to a CSV file.

Chrome Password export and import gets a redesign

Google is currently redesigning the Chrome Password export and import feature. Related to that development, Chromium team has split the old and no longer available ‘chrome://flags/#password-import-export’ flag into two:

  • Password export (chrome://flags/#password-export)
  • Password import (chrome://flags/#PasswordImport).

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 Enabling the import or export feature for passwords in Chrome browser

1. Visit Chrome://flags

2. Enable the above mentioned flags one by one, by selecting ‘Enabled’ button for each and restart the browser after doing that.

3. Visit chrome://settings/passwords, click on three vertical dots icon opposite to ‘Saved Passwords’ and choose ‘Import’ or ‘Export’.

When you choose Export, Chrome cautions to delete the exported file after importing passwords.

If you click ‘Export Passwords’, Google Chrome asks to enter your Windows account password,

Type it, after that ‘Save as’ dialog appears and prompts you to give a file name to be saved in .csv format., done. Similarly, you can import Chrome passwords from a CSV file as well.

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Currently, as of this writing, Password export and import feature is working in Chrome dev and Canary channels., we don’t know when Google will ship this feature.