Chrome now has passwords import and export feature built-in, but behind a flag. Google Chrome till now allows to view saved passwords by visiting chrome://settings/Passwords or you can also do that from any device by going to this page, but the browser itself doesn’t offer a way to import or export passwords from/to a CSV file.

Fortunately, this feature is now available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS behind a flag, you need to enable that to see import and export buttons in Chrome password settings.

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 Enabling the import/export feature for passwords in Chrome browser

1. Visit Chrome://flags

2. Find Password Import and Export (or visit this chrome://flags/#password-import-export) and select Enabled from the drop down and restart the browser for the changes to apply.

3. Now when you visit chrome://settings/passwords, you’ll notice Export and Import buttons not existed before.

export and import buttons in Chrome password settings

Click on Export, Windows will ask you to enter your password, type it, after that ‘Save as’ dialog appears and prompts to give a file name for the exported Chrome passwords to be saved in .csv format. Similarly, you can import Chrome passwords from a CSV file as well.  H/t to Nishant.

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