Official extension to restore backspace functionality in Chrome is now available on the Web Store. With Google Chrome 52, Chromium team has removed the backspace key functionality which allows users to return to the previous page citing data loss happens if you were filling forms at that time.

After that, a lot of extensions have been created to offer that functionality in the Chrome browser, meanwhile, Google has started to inform users to use Alt+left arrow to go back when they press the backspace button on their keyboard.

Go Back with Backspace Chrome extension by Google

No extension or the new way of going back to previous page using alt button hasn’t made users happy, and search engine giant has finally now released an extension Go Back with Backspace and made it available on Chrome Web Store, enjoy! Go and install now if you want.

Go back with Backspace by Google Chrome extension

The extension ‘ re-enables the backspace key as back button (except when writing text)’.  You can download the extension from here.

Note: You need to restart the browser for the extension to act on current pages that are open if you press backspace.