After seeing low crash submission rates with e10s, Mozilla has started prompting Firefox Nightly users to submit pending crash reports to them by showing an infobar at the bottom:”You have an unsubmitted crash report‘. The notification offers Submit, View and Ignore options.

When you don’t take any action, the infobar will re-appear after the restart of the browser or any time until you submit the crash report, that was pending. Clicking on submit makes the notification bar to go away and it won’t appear in near future unless there are pending crash reports. You can able to see number of reports pending by clicking on view button, which opens about:crashes page.

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While Nightly itself offers an option to disable Mozilla crash reporter under ‘Data Choices’ tab of ‘Advanced’ options. It hardly works. While we learned disabling crash reporter in Nightly is a difficult task, Windows has not allowed to change the Crash Reporter value for Enabled to zero in file, we’ve got access denied dialog.

You have an unsubmitted crash report

Nightly showing a notification to submit a pending crash report

Though currently the notification is limited to Nightly or pre-release channels, we can’t write off this being shown to release user as well. Let us hope that doesn’t happen.

Do favor to yourself and other Firefox users by submitting these reports, which allows Mozilla to investigate the issue and find a fix, so those issues don’t repeat in future release versions of Firefox.