The new awesome bar design rolled out to Firefox 48 release received some criticism, how about this? Latest Firefox 51 Nightly awesome bar shows one-off buttons at the bottom in drop down when you type something, by selecting one-off with your mouse –or you can also use tab key for that, which allows to switch between one-offs — for a search term, you can able to perform searches with different search engines right from the urlbar. For the selected one-off button, context menu offers ‘Search in New Tab’ and ‘Set as Default Search engine ‘options.

Firefox 51: You can now do one-off searches from awesomebar

Firefox 51 one-off searches awesomebar

You can find this in latest Nightly

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With this new feature or change in place, you can able to do one-click searches right from awesome bar. Mozilla here uses one-off code they use for Search bar, for urlbar also.

For more details, check this bug 1180944