Google is slowly transitioning desktop Chrome’ default design to Material design, this has happened to the Mac version of Chrome 52, next is Windows version’s turn. Yes! Chrome 53 on Windows will come with MD enabled by default. FYI, the new design will be applied to the top part of Chrome only, such as tabstrip, download bar, find bar and toolbar. Chromium team is still working on Material design for the Secondary UI of Chrome browser like bubbles, menus and dialogs, so it’s not fully finished yet.

When you see the new layout, you only have three options left then

1. Continue using Chrome browser with material design

2. Disabling it

3. Downgrading to version of Chrome prior to 53, i.e. Chrome 52, which is not recommended.

Material and non-material versions of Chrome in one frame

Disabling Chrome material design on Windows and Mac

If you’ve chosen the second option, here is how to turn off material design in Chrome 53 and you’ll still be using the latest version then along with other users out there.

1. Visit chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md in address bar.

2. Select Non-material and restart the browser.

disabling Chrome 53 Windows material design

Note: This flag may not last for long, it could eventually be removed by Google on one day. So don’t rely on it for future versions as it may disappear, instead get used to the new material design.

To get the material design back, you need to set the above flag to Default.