Foxit Reader 8.0 has integrated Dropbox and introduced ConnectedPDF technology (with which normal users has no use), today, Foxit Software has released Foxit Reader 8.0.2 and provided an option to turn off ConnectedPDF features in its PDF Reader application preferences, here is how you can use that.

Disable ConnectedPDF features in Foxit Reader

While installing Foxit 8.0.2, the setup offers ‘Disable ConnectedPDF Features’, if you’ve missed selecting it during setup don’t worry! You can still disable the unneeded feature by visiting the Preferences.

1. For that, open Foxit Reader and use Ctrl+K to launch preferences window or click on the File menu and select Preferences

2. In Preferences, select General and check the ‘Disable ConnectedPDF features’ option (this option will be visible in versions 8.0.2 or later only)

Foxit Reader preferences with disable connectedPDF features option

Check Disable ConnectedPDF features

3. Click on OK and restart Foxit Reader.

This will disable all of the ConnectedPDF features Foxit Reader application loads such as connect tab on the toolbar, the whole ConnectedPDF section from preferences, ConnectedPDF and ConnectedPDF DRM plugin and FoxitConnectedPDFService.exe.

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