It took a long time for browser vendors to implement and show Audio indicator for music playing tabs, first Google Chrome and some time later Mozilla added it to Firefox browser. It’s a very useful icon that shows where the sound is coming from when multiple tabs are open, why to disable or why you don’t want to see it? That could be the reason user requested knows, but from our side, we’ve learned that it’s very difficult to turn off in Chrome browser, and FYI, it’s very much possible with an about:config hack in Firefox.

Firefox tab audio indicator

Firefox is showing audio indicator for a tab that is playing YouTube video

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Disable or remove the Audio indicator from tabs in Firefox browser

  1. In Firefox, visit about:config
  2. Find the preference browser.tabs.showAudioPlayingIcon and change its value to false.
  3. If you’ve already a tab or few tabs, making noise, restart the Firefox browser for the audio indicator to go away permanently.
  4. You can get it whenever you want by resetting the above preference value to default i.e true.

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