One of the main download mirrors of Classic Shell, Fosshub has been hacked yesterday and for a few hours, it has served a malicious installer for Classic Shell, those who’ve downloaded the file and installed (from the site) on their Windows 10 devices after the availability of Anniversary update greeted with a MBR (Master Boot Record) corrupted warning and left with unbootable PCs.

Classic Shell is now safe to download

CS developer acknowledged this after reported by affected users and now displays a warning on the Classic Shell homepage of what happened and has offered instructions to fix unbootable PCs. And confirms latest Classic Shell 4,30 hosted on Media Fire is safe to download.

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Attention! The download service for Classic Shell was hacked on August 2nd, and for a few hours it served an infected version of the installer.
The malware corrupts your PC and makes it unbootable. Here’s more information about the hack:
If you have been affected, follow these instructions to fix your PC:
The current download link is safe.

We’ve uploaded the new file to VirusTotal and it came out as clean. The developer suggests to check file signature after download to verify, if it shows Name of Signer as Ivaylo Beltchev, it is legitimate and official. FYI, hacked file doesn’t display the Digital Signatures tab.

Classic Shell file digital signature