If you’re running both Vivaldi stable and snapshot versions, for you to able to recognize which version you’re using, Vivaldi has created a new black logo for Snapshot. FYI, stable/final logo will still be represented in red color. But honestly, on Windows 10 taskbar, the black Vivaldi icon isn’t looking great.

It’s better for Vivaldi team to look for some other color for their snapshot logo than black, we hope they’ll consider user feedback. Meanwhile, here is how you can change current Vivaldi snapshot icon on your computer to red color again.

Vivaldi stable snapshot with red and black color icons respectively

Changing Vivaldi Snapshot black icon to Red

1. Visit this imgur link and save the two images (right click on each one and save) to your computer.

2. Navigate to below location using Run dialog


Copy and paste the images you’ve downloaded earlier, select ‘Replace the files in the destination’ when the Windows copy dialog asks.

3. Download and save this icon.

4. Now right click on the Vivaldi shortcut on desktop and select Properties, click ‘change icon’, browse and choose ‘Icons (*.ico)’, select the Icon_128.ico file you’ve saved before in the third step, click OK and Apply.

Now you can see the Red-colored Vivaldi icon on desktop, click on it to launch Vivaidi browser, you can see the Red icon on taskbar instead of black.

Note: This is a temporary workaround, when you update or install a new version of snapshot, Vivaldi icon on taskbar and desktop changes to black again.

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