Fix you can’t set a default browser in Windows 10. It’s always good to have any browser as default, so that you can change to another one, what if setting a browser as default hasn’t worked for any? This has happened to us in Windows 10 (we’ll reveal the main reason for this at the end, so keep reading). Google Chrome has alerted it isn’t the default browser anymore and asked to make it as default. Below are the things we’ve tried without much success.

Visited Settings > System > Default apps, web browser just showed ‘Choose a default’, which, when we tried to select Chrome from the list, nothing happened.

Windows 10 settings app Web browser section shows choose a default

Trying to set Edge or other ones as default hasn’t worked.

Clicking ‘Reset to the Microsoft Recommended defaults’ hasn’t helped. Despite all the tries, Web browser in Default Apps remained showing choose as default.

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This is what we’ve done to fix the problem.

Can’t set Google Chrome or any browser as default in Windows 10 including Edge

  1. Open Settings > System > Default Apps > click on ‘Set defaults by app’
  2. In the ‘Set Default Programs’ window, select Google Chrome or other browser you want as main browser, click on ‘Set this program as default ‘(this one was worked!)

select Google Chrome as default in set default programs

Other easy fix

Sign out of Local account and sign into Microsoft account which fixes the issue immediately, you can then able to set or change your default browser by visiting default apps in Settings app again.

To do that, open Settings > Accounts, click on ‘Sign in with a Microsoft Account instead‘, follow the instructions on the screen.

Local  Account, Microsoft Account and Default Apps

What we’ve learned is you can’t change apps default when you’re signed into the local account by visiting the Settings app, you need to be signed into Microsoft Account to change app defaults.

The bottom line is unless Microsoft fixes this bug, you can’t change app default’s with local account, you need to use Microsoft Account instead for that or if you want to stick with your local account, Control Panel default programs will work for you.