Inspired from Windows 10 Anniversary update’s limited periodic scanning feature, which allows Windows Defender to offer additional protection to your existing antivirus by scanning your system when idle, Avast has released a new beta version 12.3.2277 for testing with passive mode. Turning the passive mode on makes Avast to function– with real time protection off, but still receives virus definitions and program updates– with another antivirus and allows on-demand scanning.

Avast passive mode

Actually, some third-party antivirus doesn’t even install until you uninstall antivirus installed on your computer, Avast wants to be different from those antivirus. And if you’ve been already using another antivirus, when you install Avast over it, passive mode will be enabled automatically.

Avast is in Passive mode

To turn the passive mode on when Windows Defender is protecting your computer

1. Open Avast GUI, click on Settings > Troubleshooting, click on Turn on under Passive Mode 

passive mode in Avast Troubleshooting settings

2. Click ‘Yes’ to the warning displayed on screen and restart your computer when Avast prompts.

Avast shows this message under the new feature setting: ‘In passive mode, you can still scan and use our other features, but we can’t actively protect your PC from malware attacks’.

This beta version also includes a fix to BSOD for Skylake processor running Windows 10 version 1607 and the SafePrice browser extension will no longer be installed during update when it was not installed in the previous version.

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You can download this beta version by visiting Avast forums.