Vivaldi team is back with a new snapshot after a long time (20 days), Vivaldi snapshot 1.3.534.3 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and is available to download. The browser team claims this as a big snapshot with 70 fixes and improvements.

Disable WebRTC in Vivaldi browser

WebRTC is great, which allows you to use voice, video chat and file sharing applications without needing to install any plugins in browser, but it has its drawbacks as well: it leaks your (user) IP address to websites, if you don’t want to leave your fingerprints on the web, you better turn off WebRTC, to address that and to protect your privacy, Vivaldi has added a new setting to its privacy section.

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Visit Vivaldi Settings > Privacy, under WebRTC IP handling, uncheck Broadcast IP for best webRTC performance.

Vivaldi Privacy settings with WebRTC IP handling option-min

Apart from the above privacy improvement, this snapshot has added one more theme –olive theme– to default themes, open settings > Themes to spot it and test. The previous snapshot has allowed to delete the newly added default themes such as Subtle, Redmond, Human, Hot Pink, but this one doesn’t, it’s a bug! And it has been fixed in this snapshot.

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More Mouse gestures

New list of commands to create mouse gestures for Scroll Page to Top, Scroll Page to Bottom, Scroll Page Up and Scroll Page Down have been added.

Vivaldi 1.2 stable released, lets you make your Own mouse gestures

Search Engine changes: Till now Bing is the default search engine in the Vivaldi browser, that has been changed to Yahoo with this snapshot, the company says currently they’re testing Yahoo search provider.

You can easily change default search engine in Vivaldi browser to Google or Bing, visit search settings for that.

Download Vivaldi snapshot 1.3.534.3