If you’ve received ‘There was a problem loading the share history‘ error or ‘error loading share history‘ message while you’re working on your computer, don’t try too hard to know which application has caused it (because when you use Windows 10, there is a chance of a getting a doubt it was somehow related to file history feature), but it was Snagit.

Snagit 13 on our system produced the same error. If you’re getting the error mentioned in this article randomly or continuously or on startup of system, do this to prevent it from reoccurring. The fix involves deleting the sharehistory xml file of Snagit.

There was a problem loading the share history

This error was produced by Snagit Editor

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Fix There was a problem loading the share history

1. Open Run dialog, type this following and press enter: %localappdata%\techsmith\snagit

2. Backup ShareHistory.xml file elsewhere and permanently delete it.