Nowadays all modern browsers allow user to pin or unpin a tab, pinned tabs are useful to quickly glance and check we’ve new twitter or gmail updates, besides from this, pinned tabs saves a lot of space on tab-strip and only shows favion for that page and also stays permanently irrespective of session unless you intentionally unpin it.

There is a Firefox extension that lets you use keyboard shortcut to pin or unpin a tab, we’ve hunted for a Chrome extension for same and found one.

Keyboard Shortcut to pin or unpin tab in Google Chrome

Before covering that extension, do you know you can quickly pin/unpin a tab in a routine way by skipping one step: right click on tab and press P key, tab pinned!

Similarly, pressing U key unpins the same tab. Quick and easy isn’t it! You can’t avoid that one step of right clicking on tab here, for that, you need to fall back to an extension.

Tab Pinner (keyboard shortcuts) extension lets you easily pin or unpin a tab using keyboard.

Install the extension,

Visit chrome://extensions page, click on keyboard shortcuts, assign a keyboard shortcut for pinning or unpinning the current tab.

assign keyboard shortcut to pin or unpin current tab
Ensure the shortcut you enter doesn’t interfere with shortcuts of system-wide applications’ or of Chrome’s.