After introducing Search popup feature, Opera software is testing yet another new feature in Opera 40 developer: Speed Dial suggestions. The latest Opera 40.0.2288.0 dev offers suggestions to add most popular websites to speed dials. To add your desired site that doesn’t appear in suggestions, click on + add a site, type the website address, done. Opera desktop team says the feature is still in early preview.

Speed dial suggestions

Turn off or remove Speed Dial Suggestions in Opera 

If you don’t want speed dial suggestions to be shown in Start page, click on  ‘x’ above the last suggested SD to remove them or click on cog wheel to open ‘customize start page’ popup, under Speed Dial, select ‘Hide Suggestions’.

Update: Ensure Advanced Settings are enabled to disable speed dial suggestions.

New battery saver UI

Keeping experienced and regular users in mind Opera browser team has redesigned the battery saver UI, so that experienced users get additional power saver settings to play with (presently behind a flag with the name -battery saver phase 2). “while regular users will have immediate access to the power saving mode, with default settings, through visual hints. The hints show more info regarding the function, for instance we have added a counter which estimates how much battery time is left for the user:”

Much like in Chrome, you can now open Task Manager in Opera with new Shift+Esc shortcut.

Download Opera 40.0.2288.0 dev