Finally the personal News Opera offers started to become more useful as an RSS Reader, Yes! With an update to Opera 40 developer, Opera software has added first version of RSS support to News, you can add custom RSS feeds, the news displays them, the functionality is limited but has worked in our testing.

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Opera built-in RSS Reader

To test the functionality of Opera RSS Reader right away, in latest developer, open speed dial, click on News icon (or click on menu and select News), and click on ‘+ Add sources’, paste the feed URL in the search catalog field. Once the feed has been detected as valid source, you can add it by clicking on + sign.

Opera 40 rss reader adding custom rss



Currently, there are two issues with the feature: no option available to remove custom feed you’ve added from My Sources, there is a workaround though: paste the same URL in search field and untick below.

And both sidebar and header displays URL instead of RSS title.

Opera rss reader


Opera desktop team to address both these issues in upcoming updates.

Opera tests Speed Dial Suggestions

This update has added Chromecast support. To test it, install Download Chrome extension from Opera store, then visit Chrome Web Store and install Google Cast extension.

Download Opera dev 40.0.2296