First Nightly build of Web rendering engine — Servo– written in Rust language is now available (officially not announced yet) for Windows as well, a few days back Servo team has released Nightly builds for Mac and Linux. Though its not even opening on our end, expect the team behind to fix the issues and come with an official announcement about Windows build on Servo blog that could well work if installed on your computer.

Servo browser for Windows

The servo team has refrained from announcing even though a Windows build is available now, which just shows a white screen when launched and has the following issues to fix

  • Startup is too slow
  • Spins one CPU at shutdown
  • available without keyboard input support

Nightly build of Servo for Windows

FYI, this Nightly build gets installed to: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Research\Servo Tech Demo. You need to click on ‘Servo Tech Demo’ shortcut on the start menu to launch the browser.

When a Servo Windows build gets qualified for wider testing, it will be available on for download.