Slow startup? Malwarebytes StartUpLite tool makes your system to boot faster. StartUpLite, unlike to other Windows startup managers, is a lightweight program developed by Malwarebytes to disable or remove all application startups that slows your system. Advanced users can re-enable the disabled items, StartUpLite uses Windows built-in MsConfig for that.

Malwarebytes StartUpLite

The free tool with not much pretty interface, auto detects redundant startup entries it knows and disables them automatically, if no such entries were found, the tool conveys the same message to user in the program window.

Malwarebytes StartUpLite

Malwarebytes StartUpLite on Windows 10 showing no unnecessary startups found

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StartUpLite, –which claims to speed up Windows startup and improve boot time has existed since 2008 — is a portable application of size close to 200 KB, you can download it from here.