Following the first Nitro Update, after a month, Avast has released a second program update (FYI, Avast now follows monthly cycle to release new program updates), which after installing the interface shows ‘You are unprotected Avast background service is not running’ with ‘Start now’ and ‘Resolve all’ buttons. Clicking either won’t resolve the issue.

Latest Avast 12.2.2276 without a fix to background service not running Issue

Manually stopping and restarting the Avast Service by visiting the Services console won’t help either. Repairing or clean installing also doesn’t fix the problem. At the moment, it seems all users who have installed this version were affected. And the company isn’t aware of the issue though reported in their forums by users, we suggest users to stay away from installing the latest version until the issue has been acknowledged and addressed by the Avast team.

Second release Nitro update Avast 12.2.2276 has this issue

Second  Nitro update Avast 12.2.2276 has this issue

BTW, this update has introduced the new components menu in Avast Settings, to control installed and running components.

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UPDATE 1 : Avast is aware of this and is working on a fix, when ready, will be pushed to users through updates. Check this thread for more details.

According to Avast, there is a miscommunication (or no communication) between GUI and Avast services. The company has confirmed, despite the error, the services/shields/protection are active and running. So you don’t need to worry about protection, but only about the error.

UPDATE 2: Fix has been released, Avast confirms clean installations and update will work now. Just don’t hurry in reinstalling the antivirus now, wait for more information to be available to take decision on that. Check the Fix below.


From the update 2, I reiterate Avast has released a fix. New installations from now on will work without any issues and won’t show the error in question.

Existing users need to run Emergency update to fix the issue if the AV doesn’t auto-update itself, for that, open the run dialog (use Win+R) and paste this and press enter

C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastEmUpdate.exe