‘Get add-ons’ pane in Firefox add-ons Manager, which shows Mozilla’s pick of the month, feature themes and extensions, up& coming extensions and introduction video, has got a makeover.

New discovery pane in Firefox add-ons Manager

The company has refreshed the discovery Pane or for short, Disco Pane, this will appear with the name Discover add-ons in upcoming Firefox 48, sports a new design, shows introduction video, offers predefined set of add-ons.

discovery pane in add-ons manager

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One click add-on installation: Add-on installation flow has been optimized. Any add-on or theme showed on this page can be installed directly by toggling the  switch provided. Same way, the same add-on can also be uninstalled from Discovery pane also, turning off the switch will remove the add-on or theme.

Theme interaction: when you hover over a theme image, the toolbar will show the preview


Users can explore more add-ons and themes by visiting AMO by clicking on the ‘See more add-ons’ link provided at the bottom.

Add-ons manager or about:addons’ sidebar has been redesigned to look like inconent preferences sidebar.

You can find more information about the Firefox discovery page in add-ons manager here.

Update: Mozilla has confirmed the feature will land in Firefox 48 on August 1. Check Mozilla blog post if you’re interested in exploring the official information.

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