Electrolysis or ”e10s” for short, which runs Firefox UI and content in separate processes, has got the green light from Electrolysis team to roll out to 1% of eligible Firefox users without have any add-ons installed. If you don’t know: Multi-Process Firefox is a staged rollout, in the first phase, with Firefox 48 release only 1% will be updated to e10s.

Firefox 48 + e10s- eligibility criteria, who gets & who won’t

FYI, multi-process support won’t be available in first phase to these user systems

  • OS X 10.6-10.8
  • Windows XP
  • Add-ons installed: multiprocess will be turned off even with one enabled add-on
  • Accessibility tools running
  • RTL UI language

e10s is a staged rollout, this is how mozilla is planning to release 

According to Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler blog post, when Firefox 48 releases, only 1% users will be updated to e10s. Ten days after the launch, Mozilla reviews the feedback and analysis received from release users with and without e10s, if all is fine, then over the following weeks rest of eligible users will also be updated to e10s as well.

If multi-process Firefox creates issues to release users, then they will slow the roll-out, pause it or even disable e10s to them.

Force enable e10s 

If you’ve not got e10s with the rollout, don’t worry! You can still force enable it, here is how.

1. Visit about:config, ensure  browser.tabs.remote.autostart preference has been set to true

2. Create a new boolean preference named ‘browser.tabs.remote.force-enable’ and set its value to true, and change accessibility.force_disabled preference value to false.

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