Many Chrome users reported on twitter, Google product forums and on reddit that while they’re browsing certain sites they’ve suddenly seen a new window opened labelled with Urgent Chrome Update having download now button (definite scam, don’t click on the download button or any ware in that window) and immediately a batch file was downloaded to computer with name Chrome-update, be aware! This can happen to you.

urgent Chrome update

Urgent Chrome Update adware popup

If you’re experienced this do the following things

  • Don’t open the chrome-update.bat file, delete it immediately if downloaded.
  • Exit Chrome browser.
  • Perform a scan with Malwarebytes and antivirus
  • Run Chrome cleanup tool (don’t hesitate to reset settings) and adwcleaner. 
  • Check your extensions and observe Chrome browser behavior, if it behaves suspiciously like malware, reset browser.
  • I suggest you to visit Chrome settings > advanced Settings,  under Downloads, check ‘Ask where to save each file before downloading’, so you know what files are downloaded and they won’t be saved to your computer from Chrome browser without your consent.

We’re expecting an official reply from a Google employee on this in this thread.