Don’t know whether you’re using 32-bit or 64-bit of Firefox browser on your computer? You can easily find out that, all you need to do is check the user agent string of that browser.

Determine whether Firefox or Chrome you’re using is of 32-bit or 64-bit

I. For Firefox,

  • Click on hamburger menu, open help menu and select ‘Troubleshooting information‘ or visit about:support page
  • Under Application basics, look for User Agent string, if it contains Win64, you’re using 64-bit Firefox, if UA string doesn’t show Win64 and in place of it, if it shows, WOW64, if you’re using 32-bit.
Firefox User Agent string

64-bit Firefox UA

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II. For Chrome

Type Chrome://version in page, check the UA.

Chrome User Agent String

64-bit Chrome UA

Google Chrome now Has Built-in User-Agent Switcher

The User-Agent Switcher for Chrome