Till now Piriform’s CCleaner  supports cleaning history of popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Microsoft Edge, but the popular Crap cleaning tool doesn’t support Vivaldi browser, even though its stable version has been released three months ago. Good news to Vivaldi users who use CCleaner on their computers is Piriform has released CCleaner 5.20 with cleaning support for the new Vivaldi browser.

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CCleaner v5.20

The new version apart from adding Vivaldi browser support, improves Chrome Download History and Firefox internet cache cleaning, and improves DPI awareness and High DPI support. This version includes minor bug fixes and interface improvements also.

CCleaner doesn’t list Vivaldi under Applications tab, detects or recognizes Vivaldi as Google Chrome browser

The Unfortunate thing is CCleaner still doesn’t list Vivaldi under Applications, for some reason,  it treats Vivaldi as Google Chrome browser.

To confirm this, ensure you’ve installed and using Vivaldi on your computer, open CCleaner and click Analyze, select any summary result produced by the tool for Google Chrome, you’ll notice Vivaldi profile folder entries in them (check the below screenshot).

CCleaner Chrome summary results include Vivaldi cleaning entries as well

Or ensure Chrome is closed and Vivaldi browser is open, launch CCleaner and click Analyze button, the tool asks to close Chrome. This really confuses general users, Piriform must add Vivaldi under Applications tab to address this in future versions.

Download CCleaner v5.20.5668