You may have not noticed this on Windows 10: When you run Microsoft Edge browser and see task manager, you can notice Browser_Broker.exe process also running under Background Processes, if you close Edge browser, this process also disappears.

FYI, this process is related to Microsoft Edge browser and it needs to be running in the background for the browser to work, and you can’t simply kill the Browser_Broker.exe process by selecting it and by clicking on ‘End Task’ button, you can’t do that and that won’t happen.

Browser_broker.exe is a crucial system process locked by Microsoft in their new Operating system to prevent users from doing that.

In the below screenshot, you can see Microsoft Edge is also running in the Task Manager as well as Browser_Broker.

Browser_Broker Windows 10 task manager

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Right clicking on the process and selecting ‘open file location’ takes you to ‘System 32’ folder. If you know any more information about this process, please let us know in the comments.

Summary: Browser_Broker.exe is an Edge-related process needs to run for the browser to work.