Vivaldi 1.2 stable version has been released and available to download for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. The release version has brought editable mouse gestures and other new features and changes (check them out below). As usual, this version comes with a number of bug fixes. Wait for the Vivaldi team to release new features with version 1.3.

What’s new in Vivaldi 1.2

  • As mentioned in above link, you can create your own mouse gesture for a command.

A GIF showing  how to Create a new mouse gesture for a command in Vivaldi browser

  • Shows the remaining time for download to complete in downloads panel
  • You can now set zoom level for each tab from 20% to 500%.
  • You can now set Vivaldi new tab page to open custom web page or site, visit settings > Tabs, Under Tab bar position, and beneath ‘New Tab Page’ box type the site address and click ‘Save’.
  • Offers ‘Close tabs to the left’ and ‘Close tabs to the right’ commands on the tab right click menu.
  • An option to disable prompt for saving passwords on webpages is now available in ‘Privacy’, under ‘Passwords’ with a setting ‘Save Webpage passwords’.
  • The browser now disables autofill of information in text boxes by default

Visit this link for complete change log and vivaldi blog post for version 1.2 release announcement.

Download Vivaldi 1.2,490.35