An add-on that colors Firefox UI in Vivaldi style fashion is now available. Chromium-based Vivaldi browser has been recently became popular and is fully packed with plenty of features that power users love, like adaptive interface color feature, which changes the browser UI to color of the web page you’ve opened or viewing.

Recently Vivaldi has added customizable UI themes support to a snapshot (not available in stable version): means you can create and apply your own browser UI theme to Vivaldi browser.

If you’re a Firefox user, wants to get these two features for Mozilla browser without making the switch to Vivaldi, an add-on for Firefox is now available on AMO, with name VivaldiFox.

Vivaldi UI style coloring in Firefox

VivaldiFox brings page coloring to Firefox and new browser UI themes creation. The extension by default uses page colors for UI, light theme and Australis tabs, and grays out inactive Windows. Vivialdi does these, so as the plugin.

You can able to change to dark theme, or add a white background around the tab icon and change other theming features, and create new custom themes by visiting add-on’s options page.

VivaldiFox settings

Note: At present this add-on has not been signed, hence to install it, you need to visit about:config and change xpinstall.signatures.required about:config preference value to ‘false’.

Thanks to Tim Nguyen for creating such an awesome add-on.