Thanks to a new snapshot, you can now make your own theme for Vivaldi browser and change the appearance of it. After Vivaldi 1.2 stable release, a new snapshot is now available to Vivaldi users for testing. Apart from default browser included –dark and light- themes, Vivaldi team has added five new themes in this snapshot. You can find these with names-Subtle, Redmond, Human, Hotpink and Blueprint in ‘Themes’ section of Vivaldi ‘Settings’.

Creating, customizing and deleting themes in Vivaldi

To create a new theme in Vivaldi, select a theme (to start with choose either dark or light) and click ‘+’ under ‘Themes’ and play with the color and other options, once you satisfied, give a name to it and save your theme.

To delete a theme you’ve created, select one theme from set of themes Vivaldi offers, and click on ‘-‘ to delete the new theme.

Vivaldi 1.3 snapshot with preview of new themes

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Download Vivaldi 1.3 snapshot