After installing AVG on your computer, the antivirus will show a notification, which seeks your permission to install AVG Web TuneUp to improve your protection and your web browsers, the popup also notes doing so will also set AVG Secure Search as default search engine, home page and new tab page for browsers.

If you’ve unintentionally or accidentally clicked Ok’ instead of ‘Decline’, you’re in trouble: it’s browser extension for Chrome and Firefox will be installed, and also browsers’ crucial settings will be changed. Let us see how to uninstall or remove AVG Web TuneUp from your computer.

Side note: If you’re an AVG user that uses Chrome, recently Google security researcher caught the Web TuneUp extension forcibly installed on users’ computers, and the extension has multiple vulnerabilities. Though the extension has been updated to fix this, you shouldn’t be using such, which changes to browser like a malware.

AVG shows notification to install Web TuneUp

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Uninstalling or removing AVG Web TuneUP

I. Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, select ‘AVG Web Tuneup’ and click Uninstall button

Note: If you’ve not found the Web TuneUp in installed programs list, download and run AVG Remover (link), choose AVG Web TuneUp and proceed for its removal

II. To undo AVG Web TuneUp changes made to browsers such as making AVG Secure search as default search engine, home page and new tab page, or to restore browser default settings

Download and run AVG Browser Configuration Tool (link).