Recently Symantec has shipped Norton 22.7 product update to their products, this update is fully compatible with upcoming Windows 10 anniversary update (Redstone) and has introduced next generation antivirus engine featuring Symantec Data Scanner technology  as well as a new real-time protection system (auto-protect).

Symantec Data Scanner (SDS) available for all Norton Security products such as Norton Security, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, and Norton Antivirus on Windows, is a “a user mode only solution targeting modern platforms and products. With the introduction of SDS all file scans will execute in user mode, providing improved security and better resource management.  Beyond improved security, SDS also delivers refined detection technology that enables our Response Ops team to detect threats sooner.”

Read this Norton blog post to find more information about Symantec Data Scanner.

Norton Releases a Fix Tool to Stop Desktop Flickering in Windows 10

Norton 22.7  update 

The new Norton product update which supports  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 & Redstore, apart from adding new security features, contains improvements and bug fixes as well. For instance, significant performance gains in startup time, shutdown time on ‘Faster Startup’ enabled devices.

And another improvement in user interface:’ Better rendering of the User Interface on high resolution displays and some of the graphics on the Main User interface.’

Check this page  for more information about the 22.7 product update.  After installing this update, Norton users see their product version as

Norton Security (offline installer) | 80 MB

Norton Antivirus (offline Installer)  | 80 MB