A free tool that auto terminates unwanted Avira processes responsible for showing ads is availableAll Free antivirus software show ads about their products in the form of popups or notifications expecting users to purchase and upgrade. Panda Free Antivirus does this as well as Avira, AVG and Avast also. Most of users use and stick to free antivirus as they’ve no plans or not interested in purchasing antivirus, then these nags displayed by antivirus can be annoying and doesn’t make sense to them.

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BGPKiller: Avira popup ads killer

Few years back, Avira announced to stop popup or notifier ads from free av, but they’ve not kept their promise. Meet BGPKiller, a freeware tool specially developed to monitor unwanted Avira processes —igmgui.exe and avnotify.exe— that show ads, and it silently kills Avira popups and ads before they show up by terminating those processes..


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Using the tool is easy: download and install it on your computer. The tool runs alongside with Avira, in the system tray, starts automatically when you log onto Windows. You can track all the activities logged in by the tool in BGPkiller.log file, which you can open by using the option provided in the tray icon menu.

Note: continuous running of BGPkiller ensures killing of Avira ads. You can download BGPKiller from here.