Who’d have thought using reader mode in Firefox, we can able to print pages better without the crap or unnecessary clutter. Google Chrome from 47 onwards has started offering Simplify Page Print option, now Firefox browser’s turn. Firefox 49 has a hidden preference, it is print.use_simplify_page, turning its value to true in about:config, adds a ‘Simplify Page‘ checkbox to the print Preview toolbar.

When you encounter a page or article that is readable or has a lot of text, click on hamburger menu > choose Print, for the print Preview to appear, enable the simplify mode. Once you check the option (tooltip on it says ‘Change layout for easier reading’), reader mode works behind the scenes and displays the content.

Firefox print preview with simplify page option

If the page you’re going to print doesn’t support reader mode or if the web page has a little or no text at all, then you’ll notice the simplify option being grayed out, tooltip on it reads’ This page cannot be automatically simplified’.

According to Bug 962433 – ‘Use Reader Mode for printing articles’, this feature was set to ship with Firefox 49 release.

H/T to Soren.