Safe Money component of Kaspersky Internet Security turned on by default, prompts you to open the website you’re viewing, or trying to access if it is related to online payment system or bank account (check the screenshot below). If allowed, the program launches that website in a Protected browser (default browser) marked with the green frame.

This feature protects you from data theft and avoids financial loss. If you don’t want to use Protected browser for some reason, then you’ve to disable Safe Money, here is how you can do that in Kaspersky 2016 product.

open in protected browser prompt

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Turn off Safe Money in Kasperksy Internet Security

1. Open Kaspersky interface, click on Settings icon at the bottom

2. In the Settings window, select Protection and slide the Switch to ‘Off‘ for ‘Safe Money‘.

Turning Safe Money off in Kasperksy Internet Security Settings

Download Kaspersky Protection Extension for Chrome from the Web Store