New snapshot for Vivaldi browser with version number 1.2 470.11 has been released and available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, with editable mouse gestures and with the addition of new features to the browser (requested by users) and new options to settings.

Vivaldi with Editable mouse gestures

Vivaldi browser already supports mouse gestures, now with this snapshot, the browser lets you create new gestures or edit and remove the existing ones.

To create a new command gesture, visit Vivaldi Settings > Mouse, under ‘Gesture Mapping’, click on + sign and choose a command from the drop down, click ‘Next’, and, draw the new gesture in the highlighted area — it may contain horizontal and vertical lines, but limited to a maximum of five strokes only– once you’re happy with the shape, add the new gesture to your list.


New features in Vivaldi 1.2

Other interesting additions to the snapshot apart from editable gestures are

  • The address bar now supports keyboard shortcuts, you can now open currently edited URL in new tab using Alt+Enter shortcut,  and in background with Alt+Shift+Enter keyboard shortcut.
  • Finally, the company has added a ‘Never save passwords’ global setting. We’ve covered how to disable Vivaldi password saving prompt for web pages, this is now easier without the need to visit Chrome Settings, you now need to open Vivaldi settings > Passwords, uncheck save webpage passwords.
  • We’ve requested Vivaldi to offer ‘close tabs the right’ option on the tab context menu, they’ve added that with another one as a bonus: ‘Close tabs to the left’. You can now able to close tabs to left/right more easily than before, thanks to these developments.
  • You can visit Chrome://settings to disable autofill of forms in Vivaldi browser, that no longer needed, the company has disabled the autofill in text boxes by default in this snapshot.

Download Vivaldi snapshot 1.2.470.11