Stardock has released Fences 3 with new features, and is available to download. While keeping all the features of its predecessor Fences 2.0, version 3 of the most popular desktop organization software has added full Windows 10 compatibility, support for modern, high DPI monitors.

Fences 3 new features

Roll-up Fences: Double clicking on a fence title bar will cause it to roll-up into its title bar(this not only saves you space but also makes your desktop cleaner). Move your mouse over to reveal the fence.

Fences 3 on Windows 10 desktop

This version of Fences

  •  Blurs the wallpaper behind the fences by default on Windows 10. If you don’t want that, right click on desktop, choose ‘Configure Fences’, select ‘Color & Appearance’ and uncheck the ‘ Translucent Fence backgrounds (Windows 10 only) ‘.
  • Lets you navigate the folder structure within the fence.

Fences 3 settings

Download 30-day trial of Fences 3.0 from here.

Are you convinced to buy Fences with these new features for $10? Let us know in the comments.