Pocket for Chrome Extension, which lets you save videos and articles you find interesting on web to your Pocket account to watch or read later, has been updated with a fresh new look, it now lets you save even faster than before.

Thanks to Pocket team for making the pocket more lightweight and fast in Chrome. From now on, you no longer need to visit the pocket site to archive things, the new update lets you add anything you read to archive: for e.g. to archive a page you’re going to save, click on the pocket icon (page will be saved), further click on the menu and choose ‘Archive Page‘ (check the below screenshot).

Pocket Chrome extension menu with new archive option

Tagging has been improved to be faster and smoother. You need to click the menu button (…) to easily to access additional actions like, Archive, remove page, Open Pocket and Settings,

How to read Articles Saved to Pocket Offline

You can find the updated version of the pocket extension on the Chrome Web Store.

The company says they soon will release even more updates to their Firefox and Safari extension, including Chrome’s.