Opera software has made Opera 39 developer stream available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. With this first developer release for version 39, the company has introduced a very useful power saving mode, the feature aimed at laptop users extends battery life and gives more hours of browsing when feature was enabled in the browser.

Using Power Saving mode in Opera

When you unplug the power cable from laptop, a battery icon appears next to address bar, you can click on that icon and flip the switch to turn on the battery saving mode. Opera browser itself warns you when your laptop battery has 20% capacity remaining.

Opera Power saver

You can even turn this feature on for Opera in desktop PC also, to do that, visit Settings > Browser, select ‘Always show power saving icon’ under Power saver, and click on the icon and activate the feature.

Opera claims ‘the latest Opera developer version was able to run 50% longer than browsers like Google Chrome on a laptop running Windows 10, 64-bit’.

Browser VPN moved to Private browsing mode

Currently VPN in this developer release is available in private window or private mode only. After getting suggestions from users that they want to browse some websites in VPN mode, and also expressed at the same time they also want to surf other websites with VPN off, the company has made the browser VPN part of the private browsing mode.

VPN in private window

Note: This change may be reversed as Opera enters beta or goes through stable from there.

Download Opera developer 39.0.2226.0