Opera’s browser VPN is back and available in normal browsing tabs like before. When Opera Software has announced browser VPN feature, the feature was available in normal browsing tabs, not the case later, they’ve limited their VPN to Private Window only, after receiving criticism, they’re now offering  the full browser VPN in normal and a separate in private mode. You can see this change in latest Opera 39 dev update (39.0.2245.0).

Apart from making the Browser VPN as a preference again, the company has updated recently introduced Personal News Feed to include ‘updated layout, the option to remove suggested sites and a better way to add and remove sources’. News Feed has been tweaked to display new top 50 stories.

Opera browser VPN in normal tab

Opera 39 gets Useful Power Saving Mode

Note: VPN is still not enabled by default in normal mode, you need to click on the VPN badge in address bar to turn it on. You can see ‘New Private Window with VPN’ in Opera Menu to open it in incognito mode.