Opera 38 is now feature complete and available in the beta channel with power saving mode, custom ad-blocking list support, speed dial improvements and other improvements for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. After the request from users, Opera desktop team has done more tests and shared the information on their blog on how Opera saves battery life with power saver and ad-blocker together on.

What’s new in Opera 38 beta

ad-blocker with Custom block lists feature

You can now add your own block lists (those should be in Easylist style format), for that, visit Settings >enable Advanced settings,  click on Privacy & Security section, click on ‘Custom block lists‘ and add your list.

Start page features an extension icon on the sidebar, which lets you open extensions manager quickly.

You can now create your own theme in Opera using your photo (it’s there before, but the ‘Themes’ option in the menu is not present now, you can still open theme manager by visiting about:themes and get the job done, but here is another way), for that, click on customize start page, click on ‘+’ button under themes, select a photo. That’s it! A new theme has been created.