Google has enabled material design by default for the Chrome browser on Windows for Dev/Canary. The latest update for Chrome on dev has brought this change. With the MD change to the browser, you can notice complete change of tab strip and the menu icon –not the hamburger, it has been replaced with three dots (…).

You can spot the Visual refresh or design changes when you see

  • Omnibox in the dropdown
  • Incognito window
  • Bookmarking popup
  • New tab
  • Developer tools
  • Infobar
  • Find in page
  • Settings menu
  • Download shelf
  • PDF Viewer

Get Material Design for YouTube website in desktop Chrome right now

Windows Chrome with material design activated

Dev version has got this change

Google designer Sebastian Gabriel has chosen hybrid layout for touch-based Chromebooks, where the normal mode for non-touch Chromebooks and desktop Chrome browser.

Don’t like the new material-designed Chrome browser on dev version? Visit chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md and select ‘Non-material’ design, restart the browser to see the changes.

UPDATE: Latest update to dev version of Chrome has disabled the MD, since now you’ve been part of field-trial. If you’ve used to it, to enable it again, visit about:flags, find ‘Material Design in the browser’s top chrome‘ flag and choose ‘Material‘ and relaunch the browser.