Another Chromium-based browser will be soon available to public, currently in beta, meet Avira Scout, — secure browser from Antivirus company Avira — which comes installed with HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger and Avira browser Safety extensions. The browser with autopilot mode lets you choose how much privacy you want by offering ‘comfort mode’ and ‘secure mode’. Knowing the security issues with Flash, Avira has decided to ship their browser without it.

Read this article to know more about the browser from Avira

Avira Scout: Avira’s secure browser to come preinstalled with HTTPS Everywhere & Privacy Badger extensions

Install Flash Player in Avira Scout

If you want Flash, you can install it for Avira Scout, here is how:

1. Visit this link to download the standalone Flash version (PPAPI-based) for Chromium and Opera browser. Download and install it, you’re done.

Or  visit link and chose your Operating system and version, as said above, you need to select ‘FP X-for Opera and Chromium -PPAPI’, where X is the current Flash version number.

Install Flash Player for Vivaldi/Opera browser

2. Restart Avira Scout, visit about:plugins, page and  click on ‘Details’, you can notice Adobe Flash Player installed and enabled there.

Avira Scout plugins page showing Adobe Flash version-min

3. Visit this Adobe Flash test page to check Flash is working or not.