When you install Latest Avira Antivirus 2016 –online or offline– along with it, Avira Launcher or Online Essentials will also be installed on your computer, and is hard to remove, this happens both for free and Paid versions. German security company, Avira claims its launcher allows users to install one or more Avira products such as browser safety, but the company also uses launcher as a tool to promote its other products such as Avira Scout browser, System Speedup, Phantom VPN, SafeSearch Plus.

For a single user, Avira launcher is useless. After installing Avira, if you thought the launcher was of no use, and if you attempt to uninstall it, you’ll receive this following warning or error: ‘Avira Launcher cannot be uninstalled, because it is required by  following applications: -Free Antivirus‘, even though that is not true, functioning of Avira antivirus has nothing to do with the Launcher product.

Avira Launcher cannot be uninstalled

Disable Avira Launcher

You can remove it by using the third-party uninstaller like IObit, but it gets reinstalled itself automatically by performing an update to the product as we noticed, so it’s better for you to disable it, after that, you won’t notice its icon in the tray or it won’t load automatically on Windows startup, but you’ll see Avira antivirus icon in notification area.

1. Open Run dialog box, type msconfig and press enter

2. Click on ‘Startup’ tab (you need to visit Task Manager and Startup tab to manage startup programs on Windows 10)

3. Select Avira Launcher and click ‘disable‘ button, done.